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Member Testimonials

Over the years, our members have had a lot of good things to say about IPS Rebates. The ease of the program, the additional income, and the opportunity to sample new products are just a few of the reasons why thousands of districts across the country choose IPS Rebates.

Paul Flock, Director
Olympia School District, Food Service

“Using IPS was one of those no brainers. Before IPS many potential rebates were not being taken advantage of, because of the tediousness of reviewing invoices and the tracking process. That is not an issue any longer.”

Rex M. Miller
Camp Alexander Mack, Milford, IN

“I have been pleasantly surprised by how easy the IPS rebate system has worked for us. It has not required extra work by our staff, nor has it impacted the pricing that we get from our distributors. Thanks for providing this service for us.”

Carmen Fischer, Administration
Rockwood School District – Child Nutrition Services, Eureka, MO

“IPS is easy to use, and who couldn’t use additional revenue?

I was skeptical first but have not found a downside to the program.”

Tom Huntley
Ridgecrest Conference Center, Ridgecrest, NC

“IPS offers a no-strings attached approach to finding rebates for conference centers and camps. We have received over $5,000 for 2005 and have not had a reduction in other rebate programs. Our conference center simply signed up and began to receive checks in the mail.”

Aaron Wylie
Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD

“This is a very low maintenance way to get revenue. It’s very easy to do.”

Thespena Verta, Administrative Assistant
School City of Hammond – Nutrition Services, Hammond, IN

“A great program, that allows more money to each of our schools! The ease of the program is appreciated!”

Cathy Patton, Office Coordinator
Hume Lake Christian Camps, Hume, CA

“I cannot overstate the value of IPS Dividends. They’ve been great! Everybody likes just a little additional money. IPS Dividends have provided us with unexpected, unbudgeted income. We just make purchases as we normally would, and receive a wide range of rebates totaled into one convenient check for each quarter.


Thank you for your service, IPS! We greatly appreciate it!!! I can confidently recommend IPS Dividends.”

Rob Roberts
Prescott Pines Camp, Prescott, AZ

“The IPS system has worked very well for us here at Prescott Pines. We appreciate not having to manage paperwork for our rebates. We also like being able to take advantage of rebates that your program may not cover. We appreciate the periodic promotional materials you send us as well as occasional samples. As we have found out, the only time involvement for us is cashing the rebate check. Keep up the good work!”

Erik Lozolla, Director of Food & Accommodations
Forest Home Mill Creek Canyon, Forest Falls, CA

“We here at Forest Home Ministries would like to say thank you for the business you all have. The Rebate checks that we receive help to further our ministry outcomes and gives us an opportunity to reinvest these funds into our Food Services. As we all know Food prices have been on the rise for some time now and the rebate checks we receive helps to subsidize these expenses. Thank you for the work that your team does at IPS – you are helping to make a difference.”

Candice Hagar

Director Nutrition Services – Fort Wayne Community Schools, IN

“Sometimes I can’t believe my eyes when I receive the latest check.  My rebates have tripled since going with IPS Rebates, and I don’t have to do a thing.  The unexpected income to my overall program is a Godsend.  One of the best decisions I’ve made over the years.”

Edith Zumwalt, Director
Lincoln Public Schools – Nutrition Services, Lincoln NE

“Appreciate the ease of the program. Little work & good rewards. Thanks!”

Brad Knipscheer, Director
Hemet Unified School District – Food Service, Hemet, CA

“IPS provides a service that is simple to take advantage of, and effective.”

Debra Laber
Fargo Public Schools

“We just love it. It’s so easy!”

James Newsom, Acadian Baptist Center
Acadian Baptist Center, Eunice, LA

“The rebates have been a blessing to our ministry. God Bless!”

Deborah Taylor

Associate Director – Oklahoma City Public Schools, OK


“A penny saved is a penny you can use somewhere else…we saved enough to buy two steamers!”

Debra Brodeur

Food Service Director – Cass Lake-Bena Schools, Cass Lake, MN


“We love receiving samples.  Testing is the best way to see if we want to serve that product.”