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Start saving today on kitchen equipment and decorative furnishings through Avendra’s FF&E Services. 

Did you know that Avendra’s FF&E Services can easily be a source for IPS members to save time and money on their replacement FF&E needs? Let us be your one-stop-shop for all of your kitchen equipment and decorative furnishing needs – from refrigerators and cooking equipment to carpet and tables. Avendra’s FF&E team has access to over one hundred suppliers offering thousands of items to best meet your budget and aesthetic requirements. 

How to get the lowest price – include us in your bid

Simply include Avendra’s FF&E Services in your next equipment bid process. With extensive FF&E purchasing experiences and established supplier relationships, our FF&E team will provide competitive pricing that exceeds your expectations. 

Questions? Call us at 866-283-6372 or email at ffepromos@avendra.com.

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