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Frequently Asked Questions

  • IPS provides rebates back to you on thousands of brand name food products. By signing the permission form, your distributor will send us your purchase data. IPS uses this data as proof of purchase to collect rebates from our manufacturers and then we consolidate the rebates into one check for you.

    How it works

    1. You enroll, giving permission to IPS to collect proof of purchase information from your distributor.
    2. Data on purchased items is collected from distributors.
    3. Data is processed according to contracts negotiated by IPS with manufacturers.
    4. IPS bills manufacturers for rebates.
    5. Funds are collected by IPS from the manufacturers.
    6. Accumulated funds are sent quarterly to enrolled members.
  • The only cost is your time! Once you complete the IPS enrollment form all you have to do is deposit the quarterly check you receive from IPS.

  • Manufacturers use multiple marketing and pricing strategies, including IPS, for increasing their sales. IPS processes rebates for manufacturers for thousands of customers nationwide and sends the manufacturers market data on their own products. The monthly promotion brochure to members highlights specific products for manufacturers. IPS members can choose to review opportunities to change the contracted items offered under the IPS program. This allows the member to be more compliant, receive more savings and the manufacturer to grow its market share.

  • No. If you are using coupons, or taking advantage of other promotions your distributor offers, the IPS program will not interfere in any way. In some cases, a manufacturer may have a coupon or other seasonal rebate that may not be redeemable because you are automatically getting the IPS rebate without all the paperwork required of the coupon.  Feel free to reach out to your Member Consultant if you have a coupon in question and we can check to see if it can be used in addition to your IPS Rebates program. If you have a direct agreement with a manufacturer or a broker, you will be required to list that agreement on the enrollment form to prevent double dipping.

  • No. The IPS program does not change any part of your relationship with your distributor. Your distributor is requested to electronically provide IPS with your proof of purchase data, so that IPS may bill manufacturers. Most distributors already provide these reports to their customers.

  • We use your account number only to request your usage information from your distributor. Distributors often use the account number to identify and run reports, and we cannot request your information from them without it.

  • You can expect your first rebate check approximately six months after enrolling with IPS. Rebate funds are dispersed quarterly to enrolled organizations. (Please note: our quarters are based on the calendar year, not the school year)

  • Unfortunately, IPS cannot retroactively process rebates for past quarters because of contract stipulations with our vendors, but once we have entered your accounts into our database then we will request reporting of purchases beginning with this quarter. IPS makes every effort to collect back data on the purchases you’ve made prior to your membership on your behalf

  • Please let us know as soon as possible once you have changed or added any distributors. We can request your purchase information from them.

  • IPS processes rebates on thousands of different items and those items change as we are continuously working to add new programs and refresh relevant items with our Manufacturer partners.  An electronic system is used to track applicable the rebates from all the items you purchase. 

  • To ensure you’re getting the most of this rebate program, watch for our monthly rebate ideas with an opportunity to sample items and meet with your Member Consultant to do a rebate review that looks at what you are currently purchasing that is rebated and review the list of items that you could consider switching to in order to increase your rebates.