A great program, that allows more money to each of our schools! The ease of the program is appreciated!
Thespena Verta, Administrative Assistant, School City of Hammond - Nutrition Services, Hammond, IN
Putting manufacturer rebates into the hands of those who educate our nation’s children.
Off-budget rebates

IPS is a membership organization with NO COST to join.  The deeper you participate in sampling and purchasing from our approved brand name products, the more value you will get from our rebate program.  Rebates collected on your behalf by IPS are in addition to the bid pricing, consumer rebates, coupon rebates, and other options used to reduce food-buying costs.

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Our Mission

We provide a service that amplifies the impact of manufacturer marketing funds by combining and delivering rebates to thousands of K-12 departments.

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Our Team

We have a dedicated team of employees who negotiate volume rebates for our members and communicate these opportunities to our loyal members. Our compliance team combs through data in order to optimize the purchasing of each and every member, enabling our dietary directors to obtain every rebate possible.

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